Although there are many products on the market that advertise “anti-microbial” properties, there are none that can provide the end user with a truly “anti-microbial” solution. Ghost is here to change that with its proprietary DR711™ fabric treatment.

Unlike all other “anti-microbial” fabrics that only posses a weak passive barrier against odor causing contaminants, Ghost’s DR711™ treatment actively absorbs and kills 99.9% of all microbes and bacteria that it touches within eight hours. When other shirts quickly succumb to the continuous onslaught of sweat, dirt, other contaminants, DR711™ treated fabric will stay odor-free, clean, and pleasant to wear even after extremely long periods of use.

This means less laundering, and due to DR711™’s unique anti-microbial treatment, the fabric will also dry quicker. This quick-drying capability mitigates discomfort, and heat management issues stemming from wet fabrics. The whole process happens at speeds that can keep pace with rigorous use, and when combined with anti-microbial qualities, the end result is a wearable piece of technology unlike anything previously available to consumers.

When worn in combination with other clothing and soft gear, DR711™ also works to destroy microbes and bacteria on human skin, and other adjacent fabrics. With all of these features, DR711™ treated material will provide extreme value to end users in the active lifestyle market, and unlock a whole new world of potential uses and applications previously thought unattainable.