We make some pretty bold promises about our product, but it’s not enough to simply say this is the most advanced cotton t-shirt you can buy, we have to prove it. Fortunately for you, our base layers have been tested, and approved, by US Military SERE specialists under some of the harshest conditions a shirt can undergo.

            The United States Military SERE school (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape), is the premiere training center for special operations personnel who are considered to be at high risk of capture. During training students are subjected to situations that would render any other base-layer ineffective after long periods of neglect. During training Ghost shirts exceed all mission requirements and provide the soldier with the active anti-microbial technology they need  to stay effective.


            What follows are just a few of the Ghost stories we’ve received after our shirts were put through the ringer.

M. T_________, US Marine, SERE Instructor

            The Ghost Tactical shirts are incredibly comfortable yet form fitting in all the right places. 100% cotton but it doesn’t shrink is an engineering feat in itself. Despite the fit and comfort, this shirt is the most rugged shirt I’ve ever owned. Two months of PT, 3-5 days per week, hang dried each day, never washed in a machine, it fit perfectly every time I put it back on and never stunk. The capability of this shirt goes far beyond what it’s advertised to do.

A. K_____, US Navy, SERE Instructor

             As field survival instructors we spend over 80 hours per month in the mountains of Northwest Maine teaching students global survival tactics. We can easily cover 20 clicks in just two days and having the right gear is essential for both students and instructors. I’ve worn my shirt for a total of 24 days in the field without washing it, hung dry each night, and it fits great and the best part, it never stinks! It doesn’t matter if it’s below freezing or 85 degrees with full kit, these shirts are made to last and surpass all expectations.

C. B_______, US Navy ret, SERE Instructor

            These shirts are a fantastic piece of kit. As a field survival instructor, I spend a significant amount of time with students discussing the various aspects of choosing the right gear for their personal survival kits. Since receiving my Ghost Tactical shirt and putting it to the test, these shirts are the first thing I recommend to students because of their construction, durability, and multiple uses. Fantastic product!

D. N_______, US Marine, SERE Instructor

            Hands down these shirts are the best shirts I have ever worn! You go to the exchange and buy a package of SOFFE shirts to wear in uniform and two out of the three shirts don’t fit right or you PT in them once and they have a permanent stench. I bought two OD green Ghost tactical shirts as soon as we got them almost two months ago; I haven’t worn another shirt in uniform and never will. I plan to keep buying one each month and stockpile them for when I go back to the fleet because I don’t ever want to wear another SOFFE again.

A. T______, US Marine, SERE Instructor

            The Ghost Tactical shirts are an all around great product. I wish the military would get on board with this company as a standard issue shirt because the quality, comfort, and durability. I wore my shirt for 15 days worth of gym time without washing it just to see if it would live up to the hype and it never once started to smell. Ghost Tactical needs to start making underwear because five skivie rolls would probably last an entire 8 month deployment.