Ghost Tactical (a subsidiary of Ghost) is a combat apparel manufacturer that pushes the boundaries of materials technology and application for warrior athletes who require the best. The company’s product line has been vetted for use in the most extreme environments and provides users with revolutionary soft goods solutions for various mission requirements.

At the core of this revolution is a commitment to quality, innovation, and Ghost’s proprietary DR711™ fabric treatment technology. With these elements providing a strong foundation, Ghost is poised to provide operators with clothing that will render old categories obsolete, and strip away the barriers posed by inferior garments.

With Ghost Tactical, soft gear and tactical apparel is elevated from mere inert equipment, to wearable technology that actively enhances the operator’s comfort, performance, and utility.

Ghost is extremely proud of the products it manufactures, but it was never enough for us to simply make the best gear possible. We needed to make sure that our manufacturing processes lead the industry as well. This means nothing is sourced from overseas, and no corners are cut.

A Ghost product is not only special because of how well it performs, but because it represents what can be accomplished when a company believes in the importance of the American Dream.

Our shirts are made with cotton that was planted, watered, and cared for by hardworking farmers on rich, dark, Louisiana soil. After it’s picked, the cotton is transported to Monroe, Louisiana, where it is processed and milled into various fabrics, by good hardworking men and women who understand that premium materials are not crafted by doing things the quick and easy way.

 After the fabric is completed and rigorously examined, it is ready to be transformed into a super-material through Ghost’s DR711 treatment process. The subsequent fabric is now in a class of its own and it’s ready for garment manufacture and repeated use in even the most hostile and extreme conditions.

We make our products this way because any other way was simply out of the question. A Ghost product will always be, grown, harvested, and manufactured by American hands, and that’s exactly how we knew it should be from day one.

Ghost Tactical is focused on much more than developing wearable technology. An integral part of the company’s corporate objective is to ensure that the success of Ghost Tactical and its products are put to good use in other arenas as well. 

Ghost Tactical knows the same DR711 treated shirts that make life better for those in the tactical community can also improve the quality of life for people who are less fortunate. Ghost Tactical is on a mission to make sure people experiencing homelessness always have access to a fresh smelling shirt and the life changing confidence that comes with feeling, and smelling, clean. Unfortunately, basic comforts like a fresh shirt are a luxury for some when access to clothes washing facilities are not available, and we’re here to change that. 

Ghost Tactical is also involved in developing sustainable aquaponic farming to help combat food insecurity. Why aquaponics? Well, for starters it’s one of the best low cost sustainable food source programs that can easily be taught and replicated in almost any developing nation; Plus it is scale-able to allow for the creation of small personal businesses in areas where traditional avenues of micro-economic growth are few and far between.

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